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Anthony T.
Farmer at Chateauneuf du Faou, Finistère
With the Alpha Vision, you have to block the cow only 5 minutes after leaving the milking parlor as you can do it immediately, it's fast, no need to block it for two hours. It improves animal welfare and this is one of our priorities. We can see what we do, we can guide, it's reassuring for the breeder. Thanks to Alpha Vision I have 65% success, it's fast and efficient!

Gaëlle V.

Sylvain F.
Farmer at GAEC du Bois Roussel
We needed to cut costs so we decided to inseminate ourselves. Without the camera or without a tool like the Alpha Vision I would never have done it by myself. Thanks to the camera we can see the cervix and then introduce the straw. Time to go to the cow, do the insemination, come back and clean the equipment it takes 10 minutes!