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AlphaVision is a tool designed for providing assistance on reproduction and insemination management. This insemination gun is equipped with a camera, that allows the operator to carry out a diagnosis prior to the insemination process. With AlphaVision you can carry out metritis or vaginitis diagnoses for example. It is intended for inseminators, training centers, stock-breeders performing inseminations and veterinary surgeons.

Safe and easy insemination

AlphaVision makes inseminating your cows easy and safe!

Visualize the vagina, the cervix and the progression of the tube on the screen and inseminate with full confidence

  • Prior to insemination, confirm heat by checking the presence and quality of mucus.
  • Locate the entry to the cervix and easily guide the Alpha sheath.
  • Pass the cervical rings easily because the absence of rectal palpation limits the contractions of the cervix.

Inseminate with full security using AlphaVision

  • Deposit the semen in the correct position: once positioned, your Alpha sheath does not come out of the cervix

  • Limit the risk of uterine infection from vaginal bacteria, because your sheath does not touch the vaginal wall.

Diagnosis and reproduction management

Take rapid decisions for optimal management of your herd

  • Cervical diagnosis: view metritis, lesions, pus, uterine involution, etc.

  • Save your photos and share them with your reproduction consultants, for regular and precise monitoring of your herd.

  • In the case of infection, use AlphaVision for easy and reliable application of the treatment.

  • Monitor for the signs of heat by checking the quantity and quality of cervical mucus.

  • Select the best time for insemination and reduce the interval between calving by viewing cervical involutions.

  • Avoid wasting straws by only inseminating healthy cows in heat.

Comfort of use and animal well-being

Remain comfortable and calm

  • Reduce your risk of musculoskeletal pain by reducing the number of rectal palpations and their duration.
  • Be certain that you will insert the Alpha sheath in the cervix thanks to the view.

Keep your herd in good shape

  • Detect problems and infections faster.
  • Reduce their stress levels by reducing uterine contractions during insemination.
  • Limit the trauma caused by the reproduction apparatus by guiding your actions with the image of the cervix on the screen.