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All the products associated with AlphaVision: insemination sheaths, lubricant, gloves, etc. IMV Technologies also proposes a complete range of products for animal reproduction.

ImaGo S veterinary ultrasound scanner

Portable and also robust, the IMAGO scanner is a summary of high technologies in the service of field veterinarians. You benefit from an exceptional image quality that allows you a fast and reliable diagnosis.


Alpha Sheath

New insemination sheath for high security insemination.
- High security insemination
- Animal well-being
- Time saving
Ref. 024485



Insemination gun compatible with AlphaVision and Alpha sheath
- Rapid mounting of Alpha sheath
- 4 colors for rapid identification
- Easy to clean
Ref. 018396 018397 018398 018399 018400



System for opening straws
- Easy opening
- Clean and accurate cut
Ref. 005233



Non-spermicidal lubricating gel for veterinary gynecological use
Ref. 023917


AlphaVision sanitary sheath

Sanitary sheath specially designed for AlphaVision
- Reduces the risks of contamination
- Easy to open
Ref. 029401

Green Air glove

The first entirely biodegradable and compostable glove
- Less skin irritations or redness
- Precise touch
- Highly resistant


Blue suit

Polypropylene suit providing effective protection
- Long elasticated sleeves
- Very resistant
- Hood and pocket
Size XL : Ref. 024267
Size XXL : Ref. 024268