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They have tested AlphaVision! Get the feedback from people who use AlphaVision as a tool for diagnosing vaginitis, metritis, malformations and other anomalies. AlphaVision is also an insemination gun that can be used to inseminate cows easily while reducing arm fatigue (RSI) and reducing the time required for rectal palpation.

Giorgia M.
Dairy farmer
I use AlphaVision for detection of metritis because I inseminate jersey heifers with sexed semen and the replacement is important.
My uncle uses it today when a cow is difficult to inseminate but when he retires I will use it for all my AI because it is a modern tool which gives a lot of information about the sanitary status of my cows and it is also a real comfort of use.

Adrien D.
Dairy farmer
We are dairy farmers near Rennes with Holstein and Normande cows. With my brother Baptiste, we already took courses to be able to inseminate on our own. We plan to do 150 AI in 2017. AlphaVision is making inseminations easier and much more reassuring. What is most comforting is the visualization, being able to see the mucus which confirms the cow is in heat, therefore avoiding the waste of straws. With AlphaVision, we finally understand how the cervix is made, and we can perfectly and easily position the gun to then precisely place the semen in the right place.

Christian M.
Herd: 75 dairy cows (Montbéliarde breed) + 25 heifers.
I have been inseminating my cows alone for several years, but I used to call a professional inseminator for my heifers. My success rate was really not very good!
I received my AlphaVision at the beginning of October 2017 and today I inseminate my entire livestock. After only three months of use, I am already very happy with my success rate. I no longer have any doubts as to what I am doing. With AlphaVision, I think even someone who is already a skilled inseminator can improve!
I don’t use AlphaVision for post-partum inspections; I do them on a case-by-case basis, often on the day of AI.
For the insemination process, I don’t hold the cervix: I’ve probably only had to do it twice in three months! I am very happy with my acquisition: it is really easy to use and provides very good results in reproduction activities!