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They have tested AlphaVision! Get the feedback from people who use AlphaVision as a tool for diagnosing vaginitis, metritis, malformations and other anomalies. AlphaVision is also an insemination gun that can be used to inseminate cows easily while reducing arm fatigue (RSI) and reducing the time required for rectal palpation. Get to know more in our video department !

Philippe R.
Farmer at Souvigné, Indre-et-Loire
I am a dairy farmer, in Indre-et-loire in Souvigné, I am in Earl with my wife, we have 90 dairy cows. We inseminate everything, cows and heifers. I started inseminating with a device different from the AlphaVision, I was not satisfied with this device in relation to the welfare of the animals. So I discovered the AlphaVison from IMV by going to Space ... This device allows me to check cows 3 weeks after calving to see if there are any metritis and then inseminate under good conditions. It’s very easy to use.

Yves L.
Beef breeder of Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle
The ease with which you can conduct AI procedures is amazing! It's child's play and anyone can do it! When I'm not there, I now have no fear in letting someone do the insemination instead of me.

Jérôme B.
Dairy farmer
What is surprising with AlphaVision is how easy it makes inseminating. What is also great is that we know if we have inseminated correctly and if the cervix is clean. I immediately saw cervixes with abnormal red patches on the screen before insemination.