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They have tested AlphaVision! Get the feedback from people who use AlphaVision as a tool for diagnosing vaginitis, metritis, malformations and other anomalies. AlphaVision is also an insemination gun that can be used to inseminate cows easily while reducing arm fatigue (RSI) and reducing the time required for rectal palpation.

Gabrielle D.
With my partners, we manage a herd of 120 Holstein cattle.
I have been inseminating them all by myself with the AlphaVision since September 2017. I love to do it and in my opinion, the AlphaVision is a great invention for us livestock farmers! By taking care of inseminations myself, I have gone from using 2.5 doses to 1.6 doses per cow for approximately 70 deep insemination procedures. Initially I had set myself an objective of 2 doses per cow, and in the end the result is much better than that! I only use conventional Holstein doses.
I hardly ever hold the cervix any more. I make several marks on the Alpha sheath, which help me follow the progress of the gun inside the cervix with the camera. During an AI, if the gun is not inserted deep enough into the cervix, I insert my hand a little way into the cow’s rectum and the cervix dilates instantaneously because the cow thinks about something else and relaxes. The AlphaVision is really well designed. If my calculations are right, it should pay for itself in just 8 months.

Jean-François B.

Yannick H.
Dairy farmer
Herd: 75 Charolaises + 25 Holstein Friesians.
I have been an inseminating livestock farmer for many years. I have always inseminated all my dairy cows and between 40 and 50 Charolaise cattle, but for the heifers I called a professional inseminator.
Today, I do everything myself without any problems! On certain days, like last autumn, I managed to inseminate 7 or 8 animals at the same time. Even though it takes a while to prepare, when there are several animals to inseminate at the same time, I save a lot of time and my arm does not hurt any more. The insemination process is very fast: I can place the gun in the cervix very quickly, even with young heifers. Actually, I only hold the cervix with my hand when I need to! The thing that reassures me is that I see practically no blood on the tip of the sheath when I remove the gun because, with AlphaVision, I inseminate straight and don’t have to feel my way. The smartphone supplied works very well, but I would like to be able to download the AlphaVision app’ on a back-up phone.