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Patrick B.
The AlphaVision is used for post-calving monitoring to detect metritis and uterine involution. the cows can be bred at 40 days. When you are away, someone else can inseminate with AlphaVision. For the whole herd, we went from 420 days between calving to 365 days

Sonia A.
Partner at Earl De Koad Fraval, Spezet
I couldn't inseminate at all without seeing! Seeing reassures me, we adjust the gun, we are sure to get to the pass, when we see what we are doing. Thanks to the Alpha Vision we now have 60% success.

Jean-Marc P.
Farmer at Beuzec-Cap-Sizun
We chose Alpha Vision to help us inseminate by ourselves. Visualize the cervix, thanks to the camera help us a lot, thanks to that we are able direct the gun to the best place and then guarantee optimum fertility. I needed tools to optimize my daily life and to guarantee myself a quality herd in the future. We spend less time in the animal looking for the cervix which is better for them. We put the money in the right place, the results are there ! This device is part of our work routine, and I would certainly not go back!